The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) is a Palestinian-led movement of Palestinian and International activists who utilize nonviolent direct action to support the Palestinian struggle for freedom and an end to Israeli occupation.

ISM-Vancouver is a local affiliate of the International Solidarity Movement. Our mandate is to assist activists from Western Canada who want to join the nonviolent resistance in Palestine.

  • ISM-Vancouver works closely with ISM delegates travelling to Palestine. We help them fundraise for their trips, and we provide logistical and media support.
  • We conduct preliminary training on non-violent resistance that is compulsory for ISM delegates. (ISM headquarters in Palestine provides additional required training on non-violent resistance and other necessary precautions.)
  • ISM-Vancouver works in collaboration with various organizations and communities to arrange speaking engagements and events for returning delegate members.
  • ISM-Vancouver aims to provide an environment for wide public participation in campaigns that demand a clear stand from the Canadian Government on supporting Palestinian national and human rights.

As a handy reference for you and/or your organization, please download and print our PDF Brochure