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News Release

For Immediate Release
Vancouver, January 15, 2003

Israeli Occupation Army kills another Palestinian boy - who cares?

ISM-Vancouver activist Drew reports that the brutal murder of unarmed boys in the Occupied West Bank is no longer considered newsworthy by the Western media.

TULKAREM, JANUARY 15 - At 7:00 am this morning, Israeli Occupation Force (IOF) Armoured Personnel Carriers and jeeps moved into downtown Tulkarem, declared a daytime curfew and began firing shots into the city. They tear-gassed the schools as students were arriving, forcing them to evacuate the schools.

International Solidarity Movement (ISM-Vancouver) volunteer Drew was drawn downtown by the noise of the assault. "The youth resisted valiantly, throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails in an attempt to drive the war vehicles out of this populated area," reports Drew.

IOF soldiers fired live ammunition into the groups of children on several occasions. "We rushed down an alley to see one youth carrying another in his arms," said Drew. Haza Qassan Fawaz Shadid, 16 years old, had been fatally shot in the chest. He was carried to a truck and brought to Tulkarem hospital.

Earlier, at 3AM that morning, Mohi el din Mahmood Hamzi, a boy of 17, was shot while crossing the street in front of the Tulkarem refugee camp. "Israeli soldiers shooting from an Armoured Personnel Carrier riddled his body with bullets," reports Drew. Mohi was pronounced dead on arrival at Tulkarem hospital.

After the murders, Osama Qashoo, ISM-Palestine Coordinator for the region frantically contacted news agencies about the day's violence but received little interest. "Time and again he was told that the killing of Palestinians was not newsworthy," explains Drew. "In fact, very little of the brutality happening to Palestinians under occupation is deemed worthy of any news media attention."

Drew went to the hospital to photograph the tragedies. Realizing his digital camera lacked additional space, he was forced to delete photos of Palestinian children playing and attending school. Unfortunately, the joyful space was filled with horror – "with the faces, the victims, of the Israeli occupation."

"Another young boy dies in defense of his embattled country. A rock thrower, yes. And a student, a son, a brother. No less a child," writes Drew from Occupied Palestine. "We in the West live in a time of closed ears, closed eyes, closed mouths... a time of willed ignorance."

Drew, a resident of Delta BC, is currently an ISM-Vancouver Delegate to Palestine. He is working with other Canadian and international volunteers to support the Palestinian non-violent resistance to the occupation. Drew was previously a UN Accredited Electoral Observer of the UN Consultation on East Timor in 1999.


Drew is available for interviews by phone and email. Drew's eyewitness reports are available online at

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